Volume 11

2018 - 1

Research Article
Secured Routing Deterrent to Internal Attacks for Mobile AD HOC Networks
Menaka Sivakumar
Pages 1 - 9
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.111.01

Review Article
A Review on Methods and Devices for Force Platforms Calibration in Medical Applications
A. Scorza, C. Massaroni, F. Orsini, C. D’Anna, S. Conforto, S. Silvestri and S. A. Sciuto
Pages 10 - 18
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.111.02

Research Article
Working Mechanism of a High-performance Tower Crane Attached to Wall Joints
Gang Yao, Chengcheng Xu, Yang Yang, Mingpu Wang, Mao Zhang and Ayad Thabeet
Pages 19 - 27
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.111.03

Research Article
Verification Method for Area Optimization of Mixed-Polarity Reed-Muller Logic Circuits
Chuandong Chen, Bing Lin and Michelle Zhu
Pages 28 - 34
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.111.04

Research Article
CFD Simulation Analysis of Building Density on Residential Wind Environment
Kaihua Hu, Shidan Cheng and Yi Qian
Pages 35 - 43
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.111.05

Research Article
Effect of Soft-hard Plate and Rubber Sandwich Against on 5.56 mm Deformable Projectile
Helmy Purwanto, Rudy Soenoko, Anindito Purnowidodo and Agus Suprapto
Pages 44 - 54
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.111.06

Research Article
Hybrid GMSA for Optimal Placement and Sizing of Distributed Generation and Shunt Capacitors
Emad A. Mohamed, Al-Attar Ali Mohamed and Yasunori Mitani
Pages 55 - 65
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.111.07

Research Article
Risk Assessment in the Constructions Sector of EU Countries: Application of a Methodological Framework using Quantitative Techniques and Occupational Accidents’ Data throughout the period 1996-2011
P. K. Marhavilas and P. T. Vrountas
Pages 66 - 73
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.111.08

Research Article
Berth Allocation Optimization with Priority based on Simulated Annealing Algorithm
Wang Yuping, Hao Yangyang, Zhang Yuanhui, Huang Youfang and Gu Tianyi
Pages 74 - 83
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.111.09

Research Article
Quantitative Research on Product Form Based on Kansei Engineering
Xin Li
Pages 84 - 89
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.111.10

Research Article
Communication Antenas for UAVs
Pedro Marques, Maria Martins, António Baptista and João Paulo N. Torres
Pages 90 - 102
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.111.11

Research Article
Boosting the Cloud Meta-Operating System with Heterogeneous Kernels. A Novel Approach Based on Containers and Microservices
Ramzi Debab and Walid-Khaled Hidouci
Pages 103 - 108
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.111.12

Research Article
Speed Limit Safety of Expressway Curves Based on the Critical State Evaluation Model of Vehicle Side Rollover
Zhongqing Xie
Pages 109 - 116
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.111.13

Research Article
Mechanical Response of a Novel “Anti-slide Pile + Support Column” Composite Retaining Structure
Peng Duan, Chunli Zhang and Mingzhen Li
Pages 117 - 125
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.111.14

Research Article
Dynamic Modularization Management of Perishable Products in Supply Chain Based on Information Stratification
Lu Liu, Lei Wang, Xinlei Liu, Huiqi Zhu and Hua Wang
Pages 126 - 137
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.111.15

Research Article
Three Dimensional CFD Simulations of A Wind Turbine Blade Section; Validation
Patrick Irungu Muiruri and Oboetswe Seraga Motsamai
Pages 138 - 145
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.111.16

Hybrid Rocket Engine Control by the Electrostatic Field
Reshetnikov S.M., Zyryanov I.A., Budin A.G. and Reshetnikov I.S
Pages 146 - 150
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.111.17

Research Article
Estimation of Cumulative Distribution of Scintillation Effect on Ku Band Frequencies for One of the Tropical Regions Using Various Models
A. Sree Madhuri, Govardhani.Immadi and M.Venkata Narayana
Pages 151 - 155
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.111.18

Research Article
Application Optimal Control for a Problem Aircraft Flight
L. Kahina, P. Spiteri, F. DEMIM, A. Mohamed, A. Nemra and F. Messine
Pages 156 - 164
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.111.19

Research Article
Weathering Mechanism of Soft Rock under the Combined Effect of Pressure and Temperature
Wang Lin-feng, Sun Hao, Yao Chang-yin, Jin Hong-hua, Tang Hong-mei, Wang Zong-jian
Pages 165 - 173
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.111.20

Research Article
Fine-grained Sentiment Analysis of Chinese Reviews Using LSTM Network
Huiling Chen, Shi Li, Peihuang Wu, Nian Yi, Shuyun Li and Xiaoran Huang
Pages 174 - 179
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.111.21

Research Article
Real-time Defect Detection Method for Printed Images Based on Grayscale and Gradient Differences
Wang Yangping, Xu Shaowei, Zhu Zhengping, Sun Yue and Zhang Zhenghai
Pages 180 - 188
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.111.22

Research Article
Renewable Energy Potential and Available Capacity for Wind and Solar Power in Morocco Towards 2030
Mohamed AZEROUAL, Aboubakr EL MAKRINI, Hassan EL MOUSSAOUI and Hassane EL MARKHI
Pages 189 - 198
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.111.23

Research Article
On Virtualization and Security-Awareness Performance Analysis in 5G Cellular Networks
Mamdouh Alenezi, Khaled Almustafa and Mohamed Hussein
Pages 199 - 207
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.111.24

Research Article
Optimized Method for Selecting Common Master Image in PS-DINSAR
Xiangtong Liu, Qiuxiang Cao, Shengping Wang and Chernyatyeva Anastasia
Pages 208 - 215
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.111.25

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