Volume 14

2021 - 2

Research Article
Analysis on Influences of Fastening Bolt Pretightening Force on Dynamic Behaviors of Structures
Dengqi Guo, Xianqi Zhou, Zili Chen, Jinbi Ye and Peijuan Cao
Pages 1 - 7
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.142.01

Research Article
Application of Fuzzy Controller for Two-Leg Inverter Solar PV Grid Connected Systems with High Voltage Gain Boost Converter
CH Hussaian Basha and C. Rani
Pages 8 - 17
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.142.02

Research Article
Effect of Temperature on Electrical Behavior of 4H-SiC and 6H-SiC Double-Gate (DG) MOSFETs in 130nm Technology
Mourad Hebal, Menaouer Bennaoum, Hocine Abdelhak Azzeddine, Mohammed Benzohra and Djilali Chalabi
Pages 18 - 22
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.142.03

Research Article
Traffic Condition Aware Customized Beacon Broadcasting (TCA-CBB) Method for Efficient Broadcasting in VANET
S. Sumithra and R. Vadivel
Pages 23 - 33
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.142.04

Research Article
Mechanical Response Analysis of Double-Column High Piers Impacted by Rolling Stones under the Influence of Pier Height Differences
Wu Liming, Zhang Jianing, Wang Zijian, Jiang Yi and Yuan Shifeng
Pages 34 - 43
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.142.05

Research Article
Experimental Study on Influence of Ultra-fine Cement Content on Mechanical Properties of Modified Sludge
Shuren Wang, Jialin Wei, Xinyu Wang and Jian Wang
Pages 44 - 53
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.142.06

Lecture Note
Comparing Chemical Coagulation and Electrocoagulation on removal efficiency of Chromium (VI) from Galvanic Effluents
Konstantinos Dermentzis, Kokkoni Karakosta, Christina Chatzichristou and Thomas Spanos
Pages 54 - 58
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.142.07

Letter to the Editor
Supply Reorder Point in Response to Lead-Time Uncertain Demand
Shahryar Sorooshian and Omid Jadidi
Pages 59 - 60
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.142.08

Research Article
Investigation of Modelling Approaches for Non-Linear Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Frames
Satish Paudel and Bikram Bhusal
Pages 61 - 72
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.142.09

Research Article
Wireless Multi-Hop Network Data Transmission of Multi-Parameter Joint Control
Liang Zong, Yudan Ning, Chenglin Zhao, Gaofeng Luo and Baoxing Pu
Pages 73 - 79
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.142.10

Research Article
Demand Forecasting and Inventory Prediction for Apparel Product using the ARIMA and Fuzzy EPQ Model
Tran Thi Bich Chau Vo, Phan Hung Le, Nhut Tien Nguyen, Thi Le Thuy Nguyen and Ngoc Hien Do
Pages 80 - 89
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.142.11

Research Article
A Novel Packaging Structure and Process for High Temperature Silicon Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor
Xin Li, Xiuxiu Liang, Qin Liu, Peishan Wu and Bo Liu
Pages 90 - 97
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.142.12

Research Article
Simulation of Noise Propagation Law on Fully Mechanized Mining Face of Coal Mine Based on Finite Element Method
Yuansheng Wang, Zhiyang Gao, Guoxun Jing, Shaoshuai Guo and Fang Jiang
Pages 98 - 103
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.142.13

Research Article
Unified Solution of Coulomb’s Earth Pressure for Retaining Wall Expansion and Parameter Sensitivity Analysis
Hengli Wang, Zhengsheng Zou, Jian Liu, and Xinyu Wang
Pages 104 - 112
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.142.14

Research Article
Design of Smart Glasses that Enable Computer Vision for the Improvement of Autonomy of the Visually Impaired
C. C. Spandonidis, D. Spyropoulos, N. Galiatsatos, F. Giannopoulos and D. Karageorgiou
Pages 113 - 118
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.142.15

Review Article
Factors Affecting and Optimization Methods used in Machining Duplex Stainless Steel - A Critical Review
Mahesh Gopal and Endalkachew Mosisa Gutema
Pages 119 - 135
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.142.16

Research Article
Stiffness Reduction Coefficient of Steel Plate-Reinforced Concrete Composite Coupling Beams
Zhangqi Hu, Weirong Lv, Ran He and Miao Zhang
Pages 136 - 143
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.142.17

Research Article
Experimental Study on Properties of Cement-based Grouting Materials under High Geo-temperature Condition
Yongqiang Yu, Tianxiang Peng, Lidan Fan, Jiyun Zhang and MengYang
Pages 144 - 151
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.142.18

Research Article
Computer Axisymmetric Model of a Piezoelectric Micropump
Ildar Sh. Nasibullayev, Elvira Sh. Nasibullaeva and Oleg V. Darintsev
Pages 152 - 164
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.142.19

Research Article
Survey with Bibliometric Analysis of Computer Vision based Automatic Dietary Management for Multifood cuisines to Avert Lifestyle Disease – Obesity
Prachi Kadam and Shraddha Phansalkar
Pages 165 - 176
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.142.20

Research Article
Effect Mechanism of Ice Crystals on Mechanical Properties of Shale Ceramsite Concrete
Qinting Wang, Yuhang Qiu, Jianqing Zhao, Jianhui Yang and Dejun Liu
Pages 177 - 183
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.142.21

Research Article
Influence of Coal Failure Characteristics on Gas Occurrence States
Chuanqi Zhu and Shaobo Li
Pages 184 - 191
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.142.22

Research Article
Application of Grey Catastrophe Theory and Microseismic Monitoring System in Early Warning for Tunnel Landslide
Pengfei Luo, Changhong Li and Liu Bo
Pages 192 - 197
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.142.23

Research Article
Effect of LED Technology on Technical Losses in Public Lighting Circuits. A Case Study
Frank Grau, Janette Cervantes, Luis Vázquez and José R. Nuñez
Pages 198 - 206
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.142.24

Research Article
A Dynamic Programming Based Demand Response Management of High Rise Residential Buildings using DERs and Electric Vehicles
Bharat Singh Bhambhu
Pages 207 - 215
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.142.25

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