Volume 16

2023 - 2

Research Article
Experimental and Numerical Investigation on Effect of Modified Grading Curve on Macrotexture and Mechanical Performances of Asphalt Mixture
Sadoudi Lyacia, Benbachir Mohamed, Ouldkhaoua Younes, Saadoune Mohamed Billel and Mabrouki Khaled
Pages 1 - 9
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.162.01

Research Article
Strengthening and Sustaining Health-Related Outcomes Through Digital Health Interventions
Raj Kumar Goel and Shweta Vishnoi
Pages 10 - 17
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.162.02

Letter to the Editor
A Fractional Cross-Entropy Based οn Caputo Fractional-Order Derivative
Slimane Benmahmoud and Nora Ouagueni
Pages 18 - 21
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.162.03

Research Article
Numerical Study of Heat Conduction Enhancement of a Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage (LHTES) Devise Using Finned Tubes.
George Maliaris, Sofia Kavafaki, Charalampos Pelagiadis and Nikos Kokkinos
Pages 22 - 27
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.162.04

Research Article
Investigation on Tribological Behavior of Heat Treated DIN115CrV3 Steel for Cutting Tool Application by Factorial and Fractional Factorial Design
Aezhisai Vallavi M S., Moorthy A and Mugilan T
Pages 28 - 36
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.162.05

Research Article
Determining the Global Response Characteristics of General Rotor/Stator Rubbing Systems with Hydrodynamic Forces
Huayi Cai, Shunzeng Wang and Tao Li
Pages 37 - 48
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.162.06

Research Article
Particle Flow Movement Behavior of Asphalt Pavement under Vehicle Load
Junhui Zhang, Xiaoyong Wu, Shiteng Rong, Lizhe Diao, and Junzhan Qi
Pages 49 - 58
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.162.07

Research Article
Constitutive Model of Water Immersion Damage to Cement Stabilized Macadam under Water Weak Effect and Uniaxial Compression
Baoxing Gong, Zhanyou Yan and Chunliu Li
Pages 59 - 65
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.162.08

Research Article
Improving the Performance of Traffic Signal Control at Mid-block Pedestrian Crossings
Mohamed Ragab and Islam Abo El-Naga
Pages 66 - 70
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.162.09

Research Article
Level Control in Conical Tank Using IMC-PID Controller
Munna Kumar, Durga Prasad and R. S. Singh
Pages 71 - 81
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.162.10

Research Article
Stability Analysis of Steel Pipe Jacking under Combined Axial Pressure and Confining Pressure
Pengfei Chen, Chuhuai Xiao and Jiang Li
Pages 82 - 90
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.162.11

Research Article
Water Migration and Temperature Field Evolution under Horizontal Freezing Condition
Xianghong He, Dahu Rui, Biao Qin and Jun Zhang
Pages 91 - 99
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.162.12

Research Article
Non-subsampled Shearlet Domain-based De-speckling Framework for Optical Coherence Tomography Images
Pradeep Kr. Gupta, Amit kr. Chanchal, Shyam Lal and Vivek Gupta
Pages 100 - 106
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.162.13

Research Article
An Advance Boosting Approach for Multiclass Dry Bean Classification
Janmenjoy Nayak, Pandit Byomokesha Dash and Bighnaraj Naik
Pages 107 - 115
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.162.14

Research Article
Influence οf Patching Length οn the Flexural Behaviour of Patched Reinforced Concrete Beam
Halwan Alfisa Saifullah, Agus Supriyadi, Annisa Rizki and Stefanus Adi Kristiawan
Pages 116 - 122
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.162.15

Research Article
Block Chain Based Secure with Improvised Bloom Filter over a Decentralized Access Control Network on a Cloud Platform
Ravikumar Ch, Isha Batra and Arun Malik
Pages 123 - 130
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.162.16

Research Article
Polar Constrained Image Stitching Algorithm for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Based on Crossing Area
Ji Ma, Wenci Liu, Linlin Ding, Hao Luo and Ye Zhao
Pages 131 - 137
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.162.17

Research Article
Novel Commercial Pilot Preparation, Mindarinae and Formica Fusca Rapport Inspired, Red-footed Booby Optimization Algorithms for Real Power Loss Reduction and Voltage Stability Expansion
Lenin Kanagasabai
Pages 138 - 156
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.162.18

Research Article
Meteorological Effect on Temperature Field of Tunnel with High Altitude in Cold Region
Runxi Liu, Xiaochuan Wang, Yaoyang Zhang, Wentao Wu and Jiaqi Guo
Pages 157 - 165
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.162.19

Research Article
Analysis on the Damage Assessment Method of Reinforced Concrete Girder Bridge under Collision Based on Trace Theory
Guanghui Wang, Yuhao Wang, Caipeng Chen, Xiaoyan Liu and Zhenhao Zhang
Pages 166 - 176
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.162.20

Research Article
Performance Investigation οf an ICT Network for Data Transmission
Ojo Jayeola Adaramola
Pages 177 - 181
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.162.21

In the Fourth Industrial Revolution era, Security, Safety, and Health
Michail Chalaris
Pages 182 - 188
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.162.22

Research Article
Mechanism of Polycrystalline Diamond Compact and Diamond Impregnated Cutter Hybrid Bit Composite Rock Breaking
Jinping Yu, Guodong Ji, Qiang Wu, Qing Wang and Huaigang Hu
Pages 189 - 196
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.162.23

Research Article
Short-Term Wind Power Forecasting and Uncertainty Analysis Based on Hybrid Temporal Convolutional Network
Yang Jian, Yao Shuai, Chang Xuejun, Li Dewei, Gu Bo and Zhang Zichao
Pages 197 - 206
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.162.24

Research Article
Predictive Power Control Circuit Model With T-DET-FF for Hybrid Pulsed Latch Implementation
Sharath Chandra Inguva, B. Mythily Devi, Anitha Bujunuru, R. Shashikala and O. Ravinder
Pages 207 - 213
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.162.25

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