Volume 14

Special Issue in honor of Prof. T. Tanaka

About Professor Toshikatsu Tanaka
R. Sarathi, M. G. Danikas and M. Kozako
Page I
Full text

Research Article
About Fireflies and Science
Gian Carlo Montanari and Robert Hebner
Pages 1 - 7
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.147.01

Research Article
A Trial to Estimate the Content and Distribution of Filler in Polymer Nanocomposites by SEM-EDX
Yoshimichi Ohki and Naoshi Hirai
Pages 8 - 15
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.147.02

Research Article
Development of Innovative Functional Electrical Insulating Composites
Masayuki Hikita and Masahiro Kozako
Pages 16 - 21
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.147.03

Research Article
Partial Discharge Current Measurement with Small Discharge Gap over PI, PET, and PEN Films
Tatsuki Okamoto
Pages 22 - 30
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.147.04

Research Article
Understanding the Ageing Behaviour of the XLPE Cable Insulation Adopting LIBS Technique
Neelmani, S. L. Saraswati Suri, M.G. Danikas, R. Sarathi and H. Suematsu
Pages 31 - 34
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.147.05

Research Article
Mathematical Modelling on Thermal Conductivity of Silicone Rubber Micro Nanocomposites by including Agglomeration Effect
Pabbati Vinod, Myneni Sukesh Babu, M.G. Danikas, Stefan Kornhuber and R. Sarathi
Pages 35 - 40
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.147.06

Review Article
A Review of Insulation Diagnostic Technique for Assessing the Health Condition of Power Transformer and Cable
Mohd Aizam Talib, Mohd Basri Abd Ghani and Huzainie Shafie Abd Halim
Pages 41 - 48
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.147.07

Review Article
A Brief Review of Thermal Mechanism of Failure in Power Cable Insulation
CC Reddy
Pages 49 - 62
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.147.08

Research Article
Some Thoughts on Charging Phenomena in High-Voltage Insulating Materials
Michael G. Danikas and Ramanujam Sarathi
Pages 63 - 66
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.147.09

Research Article
Study of the Behavior of Water Droplets under the Influence of a Uniform Electric Field on Samples of Borosilicate Glass
Ioannis Baroutis, Michael G. Danikas and Ramanujam Sarathi
Pages 67 - 70
Full text
DOI: 10.25103/jestr.147.10

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